Your audience wants an experience, not just another presentation. TED talks are becoming the new norm for presenting. And it’s hard work! In this training session, we will guide you to create your own TED-like talk using stories, passion and engagement to keep your audience spellbound. Touch people in the one place where they hold their memories: their hearts.


  • Create your own TED (like) Talk
  • Craft a storyline that sticks
  • Connect with large and small audiences
  • Get inspired by amazing TED Talk examples
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Why you should participate

‘Talk Like TED’ is suitable for anyone who wants to create an inspiring talk, and is especially suitable for professionals who are brave enough to move away from Death by Powerpoint and are open to share their story/idea/project in a way that sticks. Let us turn your presentation into an experience!

What to expect

Why not learn from the best? TED talks are coveted worldwide and for good reason: most TEDspeakers are trained by presentation coaches and the results show. Get inspiration from the outstanding and best TEDtalks that are already out there, and work with our dedicated TEDx speaker coaches to create a TED talk or TED speech for you or your team. Move any audience with the tips and tricks you will learn. The training session takes half a day with a maximum of 8 participants.

“Sticky Presentations helped me prepare, design and deliver my TED Talk. Sonja’s work is addictive: amazing how she transforms an overload of complex information into a script that scores.”
– Maurice Mikkers, TEDx Amsterdam speaker