Nowadays we are inundated with facts and figures, so much so that we seem to have lost the ability of direct person to person communication. Would you like to engage people? Give them a sense of direction and meaning? Then tell a good story! Learn storytelling techniques from a professional storyteller – and learn the essential stories every leader needs.


  • Connect through stories
  • Understand the importance of storytelling
  • Master the basic storytelling approach
  • Create 3 stories you can use in your next presentation
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Why you should participate

‘Lead by Telling Stories’ is aimed at business professionals that need to connect with their peers. And don’t we all? Whether you are a sales executive or technical consultant, stories are a sure-fire way to get attention.

What to expect

This training lets participants experience the power of telling great stories for themselves. Practical insights are offered, and following this participants will practice them and have discussions. The training gives you the chance to develop your own storytelling skill set, and you will walk away with 3 concrete stories you can use in your working life, and a storytelling approach you can apply to every presentation you give.

This training takes 2 hours but can also be extended to a half or full day. The training content will be tailored to your company’s needs and is packed with storytelling examples, exercises and funny anecdotes. With simple expert guidance, you will be surprised to find out how well you can tell stories!

“Theo Hendriks is a born storyteller and trainer. His deep passion for the power of stories is contagious, and enables him to turn even the most reluctant participant in an engaging storyteller.”

“Theo Hendriks is our storytelling star at Sticky Presentations. An accomplished, captivating storyteller (and writer) himself – Theo has the enviable skill of bringing the best stories out in others.”