How do you catch and keep the attention of the audience? Stage presence is difficult to define, yet easy to recognize. A presenter with a strong stage presence captivates, inspires and connects with any audience. Good presenters use eyes, body and voice to deliver their message with full impact whether in the board room or in everyday life.


  • Define your presentation style
  • Use body language & voice control
  • Manage the audience’s attention span
  • Overcome stage fright
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Why you should participate

‘Stage Presence‘ is an absolute must for everyone. Our evaluations score outside the box, and we’d love to show you why. Whether it be at the office or at home, your ability to use eyes, body and voice to present your views are essential. The smallest tips of this presentation skills training can have the biggest impact personally and professionally.

What to expect

This high impact presentation training takes 4 hours but can also be extended to a full day. A small group of 5 participants is preferred to maximize personal results. Learn tips and tricks to captivate your audience, because how you say something is more important than what you say. We will work on your presentation style with both individual and group exercises. You are in the spotlight and everyone will get multiple opportunities to perform in front of the group, receive feedback and monitor progress. You can expect lots of public speaking tips and presentation ideas during this training in presentation skills. Cases and exercises are tailored to your needs.

“Soft skills training produces hard results.”
– Andries van Luijk, Managing Director Evi bij Van Lanschot Bankiers

“Stage Presence increased my stage performance. I now have a much better view of my presentation strengths and some practical tools to help me exploit them.”
– Marije Verweij, Corporate Lawyer & Executive Officer to the CCO of Tata Steel in Europe