Presenting is a skill that few people have mastered. As a result, too many good ideas are lost. This inspiration session introduces a new way of presenting. With our 9 tools, you will learn how to bond with the audience and make sure they remember you over and above your competitors. When you are selling ideas, products and services, this is the only effective starting point. Are you ready to be remembered?


  • People will connect with you and your message
  • People will remember what you are saying
  • People will understand what you are presenting
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Why you should participate

We all have stories to tell. Some are better at it than others. Learn the secret the greatest presenters use to convey their ideas. This training is for everyone who feels that their story can be optimised. (By the way, good presenters get promoted more often, stay married longer and actually get listened to. If that isn’t reason enough…)

What to expect

Have you ever given a presentation that you would rather not have sat through yourself? This training will help you understand why we are all inclined to make coma-inducing presentations. And then we will teach you to stop.  Sticky presentations are understandable, memorable, and emotional. You will receive tons of presentation tips and 3 practical tools per element to improve your next presentation dramatically.

“If you need to get results through presentations, you simply can’t afford not to hire Sticky Presentations!”
– Gerard Wichers, TNT Global director communications