Besides eating less, stop smoking and hitting the gym, many of you have made New Year’s resolutions to improve your presentation skills. By putting less food in your mouth, chew on gum instead of a cigarette and…well…actually GO to the gym you should be able to handle the first three resolutions. But how do we go about the last one?

To become a better speaker, simply use the following strategies:

  • Plan appropriately (know your show)
  • Engage with your audience (make it fun and make it STICKY!)
  • Pay attention to your body language (are you a robot?)
  • Cope with your nerves (breathe in, breathe out…)
  • Think positively (YES – I – CAN!)
  • Practice (makes perfect!)

Especially practicing your presentation can make the difference. You can be sure that every person you consider a solid speaker, has spent more time practicing and preparing his/her presentation! For example, Steve Jobs practiced every product launch extensively. He was not a born presenter (no one is really), but he made every department come by to criticize his talk and slide to ensure his final presentation was flawless.

Speaking well in public can help you get a promotion, raise awareness for your ideas and inspire others. So push yourself to speak in front of others! Being nervous about public speaking is so 2016… Good luck with your no fears resolution!

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