The 3 Key Body Language Techniques of Public Speaking

Of all the communication skills available to you as a public speaker, how important is body language? The answer: extremely. More than half of your impact as a speaker depends upon your body language (and yes, that is a proven fact).

When you are presenting, strong body language becomes an essential tool in helping you build credibility, express your emotions, and connect with your listeners. Being natural won’t cut it (sorry). We need to be bigger, more expressive, and more powerful. It takes extra effort and energy. It also takes skill and loads of practice.

Audiences respond best to presenters whose bodies are alive and energetic. From job interviews to high-stakes appearances, audiences are judging you according to what you show them. While You’re Talking, What Is Your Body Saying?

The 3 Key Body Language Tips for Public Speaking

1: Gesture. Yes! Do use your hands. They don’t belong on your hips or in your pockets, held behind your back or folded across your chest either. Use them to help emphasize a point, to express emotion, to release tension, and to engage your audience.

2: Stance. How you stand in front of the room speaks before you open your mouth. Your stance can tell the audience that you’re happy, scared, confident, or uncomfortable. Audiences “read” these messages unthinkingly but unfailingly. Stance speaks!

3: Facial expression. The movements of your eyes, mouth, and facial muscles can build a connection with your audience. Eye focus is the most important element in this process. No part of your facial expression is more important in communicating sincerity and credibility. Try to unfreeze your face right from the start by welcoming your audience with a smile!

So look in the mirror and give your speech, without making a sound! Your body language shapes who you are. In other words; Assume a power pose and you’ll feel more able to control the situation and experience less stress. You’ll literally stand out from the crowd—in all the right ways.

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