Define your presentation content.
Make your story stick.

Will your message be remembered long after you leave the room? Zoom in on your audience & gain new perspective on the strength of your story with our Messaging Workshop.

Structure your content and create a gripping storyline in just 3-4 hours. We will translate this storyline into a ready-to-design storyboard for you.


In 4 steps we will create a customized presentation for you that will rock your audience:

Of course we can also focus on just one ore more of the four steps.


  • Gripping storyline
  • Amazing slide design to support your message
  • Attentive audience
  • Tools on how to make the most of your future presentations

Be the best you can be on those few occasions that it really counts. Are you ready to be remembered?

Sticky Presentations helped me prepare, design and deliver my TED Talk. Sonja’s work is addictive: amazing how she transforms an overload of complex information into a script that scores.
– Maurice Mikkers, TEDx Amsterdam 2015 speaker

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