Life’s a pitch! We present the Pitch Academy. Our proven 3-step pitch program focused on 3 key success factors: story, design and delivery. Simply put, this is a ‘must have’ for companies that pitch a lot and need to reinvent the way they present.

Give your company a competitive advantage with our 3-step pitch training program:

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Get a YES
Is it possible to deliver a powerful and clear pitch which resonates with your audience and doesn’t convey a mixed or confusing message? We are seeing a shift away from long presentations to shorter ones that pack a punch! After this training, you will have multiple resources and structures to create a winning pitch. Present your idea/business/product in an authentic manner.
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Introduction to powerful slide design
PowerPoint is both the most used and abused medium in the business world. Avoid Death by PowerPoint and learn how to make the most of this powerful means of communication. By using visuals, reimagining graphs and abandoning bullet points. Rethink your slides and increase your personal impact.
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How to get it, project it and keep it
How do you catch and keep the attention of the audience? Stage presence is difficult to define, yet easy to recognize. A presenter with a strong stage presence captivates, inspires and connects with any audience. Good presenters use eyes, body and voice to deliver their message with full impact whether in the board room or in everyday life.
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“We hired Sticky Presentations to train our department toward a sales organisation. A completely different approach to presenting with a fresh perspective. 100% sticky.”
– Joan de Jong, ABN AMRO Head of IT International Office

“We put our entire team through the Sticky Academy. Our presentations have changed for good, focussing on a better messaging has improved our way of working with our customers and brand partners.”
– Barbara Balm-Wijnands, Marketing Directeur Maxxium NL

“Sticky has really changed the way we work. We now challenge each other to live up to the high standards of Sticky Presentations. The Sticky Academy has become a structural part of our Learning & Development program.”
– Anna Kuiper, Head of Strategy at ZIGT Mediabureau