Have you experienced your audience nodding off during a presentation or pitch? With this advanced training you will keep your audience awake and listening intently. Learn how to extend anyone’s attention span by using subtle influencing and word magic to keep them sitting on the edge of their seats.


  • Use ‘word magic’ to get instant attention
  • Connect with any audience
  • Gain the undivided attention of your audience
  • Know how to react to questions
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Why you should participate

When it counts you want to fill the stage with your confidence and truly connect with your audience. ‘Audience Hypnosis’ is a session for ambitious speakers who want to inspire their audience. It is highly recommended for all public speakers who already have experience and want to go the extra mile to realize their full potential.

What to expect

This public speaking training takes half a day and you will get the best results if you first complete the Sticky Academy. Connection holds the key to success! Learn tips & tricks to hypnotise any audience. Use words, movement and body language to deliver your message with maximum impact. Your needs, goals and talents are leading in this training. Be prepared for lots of stage-time, because this is where the magic happens!

“Presentation magic! I can’t believe influencing people can be so simple and effective!”
– Frederique van der Wijk, manager Operations & Talent at We Can Be Heroes

“No matter what level you’re at today, Sticky Presentations will help you raise the bar!”
– Anonymous